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Welcome to Junair New Zealand.

In partnership with Junair Spraybooths UK, Junair's new Australian and New Zealand branches are now offering an equal level of quality and expertise in spray booth technologies and equipment that the UK operations have been offering for the last 20 years.

Junair is a world leader in Spray Booth technology and equipment and has become the top supplier to the automotive aftermarket in the UK through offering upmost quality products and services to its customers.

In the past 20 years Junair have been developing products and services that deliver real benefits to repair shop owners and operators thus making Junair a unique spraybooth and equipment provider.

Our premium expertise in repair process engineering, building mechanical and electrical engineering services for turnkey installations and detailed knowledge of paint and preparation techniques makes us a world leader in Spray booth technology, shop planning, layout and design.

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Junair Spraybooths New Zealand

Phone: 09 948 6611 (NZ)Email: info@junair.co.nz

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